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POOF is a program designed to provide teenagers ages 13-18, the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship trades and event planning skills while leaving a positive legacy behind in Durham, NC. The teens will learn entrepreneurship trades, event planning skills, and will learn to leave a positive legacy behind. Teens will develop skills to make money in as little as 90days.

The center will be a place where the general public can donate and buy items for a discounted price to support teens while they perfect their skills.


POOF will be available to be rented out on weekends and during the day to keep costs down for teens coming to the center. When renting POOF one-hundred percent of the funds will go back to helping teens in the program.


Why  Entrepreneurship 

Creativity Enhances Entrepreneurship: Creative people always take a different approach to a problem and that's what makes a major difference. By encouraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration entrepreneurship will mold students into able individuals strong enough to face the reality of the outside world.

What We Believe

Everyone should have a fair chance at life.

One person is not greater than another (equality).

If we put God first, anything is possible.

If we put children in the right situation; and in a positive environment, they will succeed.

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