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At POOF Center, we provide Durham teens ages 13-17 with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur. Through our P.O.O.F program (Planning Our Own Future /Planning Our Own Funeral), students are guided through a 90-day pathway that offers the chance to develop their own business plan and take the first steps towards fulfilling their vision.

We also provide our students with resources, materials, and mentorship from industry professionals to help support them on their journey. Our goal is to empower young people to take control of their future and realize their potential.

KidPreneur Summer Camp

POOF is a kid's center that focuses on developing entrepreneurship skills in the younger generations. We provide a fun, interactive summer camp for kids aged 8-14, designed to introduce them to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Through our various activities, such as creating a business plan, developing a product and marketing their ideas, we strive to help kids gain the skills and confidence they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

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