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POOF Training & Event Center 
Seeks out youth who are motivated and inspired to do something wonderful.


About US

P.O.O.F is an Entrepreneurship Pathway Program that provides Durham teens ages 13-17 with the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur.

Throughout 90-day increments, teens not only learn the building blocks needed to become successful entrepreneurs but are also taught life skills that will help them be competent competitors in the 21st Century Global Society. Teens begin phase one of the program: Financial Literacy. During this phase, we assist them with opening bank accounts and teach them about cryptocurrency and the stock market etc.  Phase Two: World Travels consists of teens applying for their passports and them learning about different cultures from local world travelers. Lastly, Phase Three: Life Preparation focuses on the importance of having life insurance and the financial benefits of having it while still alive.


After successful completion of the program, students will use the Train the Trainer model to teach the next future class of entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills they've learned. This will allow graduates to sharpen their skills as presenters and give back to their P.O.O.F Community.


Why Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Enhances Creativity: Creative people always take a different approach to a problem and that's what makes a major difference. By encouraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration the entrepreneurship will mold students into able individuals strong enough to face the reality of the outside world.


Entrepreneurs are self-motivated individuals who strive to do something new and unique on their own. By identifying opportunities, arranging the necessary resources, teens in Durham can shift their attention on something positive while gaining the  knowledge of financial empowerment.


 Entrepreneurship is not just another form of business; it is considered a driving force of our society and the nation’s economy. Entrepreneurship not just benefits the entrepreneur himself/herself it also contributes to the overall development of the economy.  


Creating Social Impact

New products and services innovated by entrepreneurs encourage consumers to adapt to new trends and technology. It breaks away from the dependency upon traditional ways of using products/services. It helps the consumers in having an open mind which results in better morale, standard of living, and quality of life. This is why we picked our age group which is 13-17 old teens to work with. They are creative and innovative. 

What We Believe

  • Everyone should have a fair chance at life.

  • One person is not greater than another (equality).

  • If we put God first, anything is possible.

  • If we put children in the right situation; and in a positive environment, they will succeed.

How do we Plan Our Own Funeral

Planning our own funeral will be taught in terms of legacy not tragedy.

We believe if we give teens something to live for they will.


Legacy forges lasting connections because it is instinctive for families to preserve legacies and it gives all the members a common ground.

A good legacy can yield strong individuals that uphold the proper virtues that make them good citizens. 


Living a meaningful life makes for a lasting legacy. Think about what matters to you and how you can contribute in ways that will make a difference beyond the span of your life.


Being proactive about your legacy means being thoughtful about how you want to be remembered.










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